Bend time by performing a movement at a speed that can be the closest to being static. Take a journey that will change your perception of time with the help of your own body, your own mind and expand the territory of your Spirit. How?

Introducing Slow Dynamics.

Think of a basic movement like pointing to the sky with one arm, turning your head to each side, smiling or joining your hand together.
Do it once, do it twice and now do it so slowly that it will take minutes or even hours.
Sounds simple and boring and long? It might be. Like meditation, it will trigger a flow of thoughts as well as the wrath of your intellect’s opposition for doing such thing. You will have plenty of time to think of the best rationale to stop as soon as possible. However, unlike meditation, you have an action to perform, a journey of a single movement. On the flip side, you will have some of the same muscle rigidity you can be familiar with if you love the most tonic forms of yoga.
Now, the purest form of Slow Dynamics is in nature, by yourself or like-minded partners, doing the movement and that is it.
That being out of the way and for our incentivised culture, let’s reward ourself as well by capturing the moment in a time-lapse movie. See that movement like you are doing it at normal* speed to project yourself in a world going hectic in the background.

Welcome to Slow Dynamics.


Scale of time

From the lightning speed of Bruce Lee and its Chinese boxing to the rock-stillness of meditation, the scale is pretty wide depending on the philosophy.
Slow Dynamics position itself right after standing still, just after meditation.

Thought Process

The perception of time, as a human being, is an important factor of well-being, efficiency, progression as well as contemplation. Modern meditation has helped humanity a lot to bend the walls of time. However, the link body to Spirit is not a priority. The priority is the Spirit. Because there is movement involved in Slow Dynamics, the bound between the actions of the body and the activity of the Spirit is a top priority.
As for yoga, this bond between the body, the mind and the Spirit is ever present. However, yoga imposes a relatively binary movement structure: you enter the pose and then hold it. Yoga is the gift of happiness from your Soul to your body. Whereas, Slow Dynamics is the journey of your Soul and Spirit powered by your body.
Slow Dynamics let you discover the power of the Journey (your movement) and set aside the “destination” in the background.

About Jean-Pierre

Years of searching the right technique approach, Jean-Pierre has developed Slow Dynamics from the simple idea that moving next to zero speed is the best way to watch his intellect at work and thus move forward. With a daily practise of Slow Dynamics, his perception of time, priorities and scale of the Universe has evolved to a unique formation of and for his being.

Map of Slow Dynamics movements